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Whats New with HX
What’s New With HX: Hosted Buyer Program

Hotel owners and operators with an upcoming project can save time and money at this year’s HX: The Hotel Experience 2018 through the new Hosted Buyer Program. Instead of spending hours wandering through the exhibition hall, properties undergoing a new development or renovation project within the next 12 months can participate in the program and be matched with suppliers offering the products and services they need.

Panic Buttons
Hotels Provide Panic Buttons For Staff Safety

Many properties are now providing personal panic buttons for staff to use to call for help if they find themselves in an unsafe situation. The buttons are typically given to employees who work in guest rooms, such as housekeeping, engineering, bellhops, maintenance and room service. When a staff member feels threatened, they can activate the button and an alert is sent to management with their location so security can come to their aid. In addition to the physical protection of getting assistance, having the buttons provided to them also tell employees that management wants to know about any cases of harassment or assault.

Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Travel Trends

Summer is a prime travel season for your customers, and bed bugs. Recent research shows that rising temperatures boost bed bug populations, increase the number of reported bed bug incidents and escalate operational costs for hoteliers to eradicate the nocturnal parasitic pest.

Alexa for Hospitality
Interactive Guest Room Assistants

Many hotel guests use a voice-activated assistant in their homes — to check the weather, turn off the smart lights, add an item to their to-do list or put an appointment on their calendar. According to Pew Research, 46 percent of Americans use voiced-based assistants through their smartphone, tablet or stand-alone device. To provide the same or greater level of technology that guests have in their homes, many properties are now providing voice-activated assistants in their guest rooms. The technology can improve the guest experience with faster service and gives employees more time to help guests in other ways.

Hotel Lobbies Take Center Stage
Hotel Lobbies Take Center Stage

According to lodging industry surveys, one in five guests say the reason they choose to come back to the same hotel is the opportunity “to experience and to be engaged.” Typically the guest’s initial impression of the hotel is its lobby. So what are hotels doing to make that lobby experience a more positive and engaging one?

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