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Imprint Plus™ provides name badges to 92% of the world’s largest and most recognized hotels. With over 37,000 customers worldwide who rely on our high-quality, and affordable name badges and signage systems, we help to personalize every guest experience. Imprint Plus™ Reusable Name Badges, designed in minutes, printed in seconds, with any standard PC and printer! Imprint Plus™ Reusable Signage are also designed to meet the daily needs of service managers with superb styling and durability, and can withstand the bumps and spills of a full service buffet.

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  • A hotel's staff should be approachable and easily identifiable.

    Many hoteliers have realized that the go-to solution is Imprint Plus, the leader in reusable name badges across 60 countries worldwide.

    "It's really part of a first impression," says Imprint Plus CEO Marla Kott. "The name badge you wear, if it's beautifully crafted with your logo, really matters. In many companies, the name badge is the only branding material that marries up with the employee and this affiliation is important to them. If you enter a fabulous restaurant and the employee doesn't have your brand badge, you've lost the opportunity for a successful and lasting introduction."

    Standardization is another reason hotels turn to Imprint Plus. The company has helped hotel executives, on a corporate level, to control costs and communicate a collective brand identity. At this level, name badges have surpassed necessity to become a vehicle for brand building, as well as engaging and serving the guest.

    "This is an opportunity to have one solution for 10 brands or 20 brands,” says Kott. “We want it to work with the same methodology and a cost structure that is consistent for everyone. The ability to produce each badge immediately in-house, really helps our customers stay true to their brand in the face of growth, seasonal change and employee turnover."

    It's a process that involves meeting with each brand manager to evaluate the various styles, colors, shapes and sizes that are available to them. Each brand, uniquely designed, should have a tailored badge, all the way down to the font size. The white 1x3 badge has proven to be a very popular choice, but more hotel

    companies are experimenting with color and trending toward larger badges. Gold badges are traditional and elegant, while silver has grown in popularity among hotels that want a modern look.

    Brand managers should also consider how they want employees to introduce themselves to their guests.

    Imprint Plus offers a variety of badge talkers that help break the ice. Hotels that want to emphasize the international nature of their staff can display a staff member's home flag right on their name badge.

    Hotels that want to add more personality can include a line that communicates interests, hobbies or other relatable facts such as "I love skiing" or "I'm a chocoholic." "That's part of the experience," Kott says. "The employee that serves the person is part of the experience. That's what people realize today. The badge can be as funky or as elegant or as unique as you need it to be."

    Name badges are a niche market, but one in which Imprint Plus has built a solid reputation and become a category leader. Imprint Plus, a women business enterprise, now serves 30,000 customers in 60 countries, including nearly 8,900 hospitality properties. Kott says nearly 40 percent of their customers have come as referrals. Now it's time to let the secret out to a wider audience.

    "We are endorsed by so many yet are not that well known," Kott says. "It's one of those behind the scenes products. For us, it's been word of mouth. People use the product, they like it, they recommend it or they move to a different job and they start to adopt our product in a new position."

    One thing that sets Imprint Plus apart is its patented process for assembling name badges. The software is a signature product that can be hardcoded to ensure consistency for a brand. Imprint Plus gives hotels a do it- yourself kit that enables one to print and assemble multiple badges on the spot without waiting two weeks for individually ordered badges to arrive.

    "Some people are still doing that," Kott says. "They're going online and paying quite a bit of money for a personalized badge with a logo on it. You order 10 at a time, so you end up with a ton in your drawer." Instead, with Imprint Plus, it takes less than one minute to create a badge.

    Imprint Plus has also become a partner in sustainability efforts of many hotels.

    "Hospitality, by the nature of the industry, has a lot of waste," Kott says. "Having something reusable was absolutely critical. You can have a badge you only use once, but in today's recyclable world, the opportunity to reuse badges and reduce your footprint matters to every single one of our hospitality partners."

    Going green hasn't been a new effort, either. Imprint Plus made its commitment to sustainability in 1996 which has since been incorporated it into all aspects of their corporate life. They buy materials made from recyclable and select suppliers that share their eco-conscious values.

    "That matters to us, and it matters to our customers” says Kott. "Our badges are eco-friendly, but they're still a great product. The quality is there and it’s something you can feel confident about. After all, it’s your name all over it!"

  • Imprint Plus Offers Reusable Name Badges and Signage For Branding and Identifying Travel and Tourism Employees

    NEW YORK, April 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, 7.2 million travel and tourism jobs were added to the global economy in 2015. In total, the travel and tourism industry accounts for 284 million workers and contributed $7.2 trillion to the global gross domestic product. With such a growing and robust job market in this service sector, competition to connect with and retain customers has become fierce.

    Customers connect with service representatives when they are identified not only by name, but also by country, title and expertise. Imprint Plus makes this connection easy with reusable, customized, and professional-looking metallic name badges that can be customized and personalized on-site with the use of any office printer and our own Microsoft certified software. Imprint Plus name badges enable customers to easily identify service employees and allows service representatives to “get personal,” start a dialogue, and engage with their customers.

    Because the Imprint Plus name personalized on site, there’s no ordering or waiting for printing or engraving whenever a new employee is hired. A quality name badge featuring company logos and colors and stating name and title is a personalized introduction or ‘hand-shake’ to the customer, one that clearly establishes a pathway to developing better customer relations, as well as generating additional and repeat sales.

    “Our cost effective, do-it-yourself name badge and signage systems mean that you can create customized, reusable name badges and signage without paying costly fees or waiting days to receive them,” says Kristin MacMillan, President of Imprint Plus.

    “It is important that service industry employees are professionally identified and branded in the workplace so that they may become brand ambassadors to their customers,” continues Ms. MacMillan. “Rather than sticking on a plain paper label or pinning on a plastic name tag, employers are choosing sleek, impressive-looking metallic name badges that showcase the wearer and the brand professionally. The magnetic fasteners, stay in place without falling off or damaging clothing. As a bonus, the reusable and recyclable components make them an ecofriendly solution.”

    Imprint Plus manufactures an assortment of reusable employee identification systems that range from customized company name badge and signage systems for large numbers of employees; to The Mighty Badge Kit, perfect for the small to mid-size businesses with 10-50 employees; to YouWho name badges in two- and four-unit kits, starting at $29. For information on name badges, visit,, or

    Imprint Plus

  • –Imprint Plus Survey Reports Top Travel Amenities as Breakfast Included, Free Wi-Fi and Swimming Pool–

    NEW YORK, June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – To determine what’s important to travelers when selecting a vacation or business trip location, a recent survey of 1,000 men and women in the U.S. was conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) for Imprint Plus, a leading manufacturer of customized, eco-friendly, name badge and signage systems. When asked if they preferred to stay at eco-friendly establishments, an overwhelming 71% of the respondents reported that it was important. The survey also reported that breakfast included in the rate was considered to be an important offering in selecting a place to stay by 41% of the respondents. Other top amenities chosen were free Wi-Fi (34%), late check-out (27%) and room or cabin upgrades (24%).

    “Our survey tells us that U.S. travelers seek out eco-friendly establishments for their pleasure or business stays with nearly three-quarters stating that this was an important decision factor,” says Kristin MacMillan, Imprint Plus president and sponsor of the survey. “As an eco-friendly provider of reusable name badges and signage used widely by the hospitality industry, we realize the importance of being ‘green’ in America today.”

    Imprint Plus manufactures a line of reusable name badge and signage systems that are created on-site with any inkjet or laser printer. The do-it-yourself kits are a fast and economical way to make customized name badges, as well as desk and wall signs that professionally identify personnel, a key to customer relations in the hospitality industry.

    “Our research indicates that customers like to know who they are dealing with by name, especially when traveling,” continues Ms. MacMillan. “We know that by simply stating the staffer’s name, title and area of expertise, it is a personalized introduction to the customer, one that clearly establishes a pathway to developing better customer relations, as well as generating more return visits.”

    With the Imprint Plus proprietary design software, stylish name badges and signage are created on-site by simply typing in the staff person’s name or department detail. Adding a photograph or brand logo further personalizes the name badge or signage. By printing the patented inserts using a standard laser or inkjet printer, name badges and signage may be changed and updated on-site at little cost. The inserts slide into the signage or name badge, which can be used again and again.

    Imprint Plus manufactures an assortment of name badges and signage systems that range from customized company name badge systems to small business kits starting at $25. For more information visit

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  • Imprint Plus Reusable Name Badges
    Imprint Plus and it’s Reusable Name Badge system will help introduce your team to your guests and ensure a personal touch during their stay. Designed in minutes, printed in seconds. Make your domed aluminum name badges with just a PC and printer....

  • Our name badge kits are part of a comprehensive system perfectly suited to the hospitality industry. Badges are sold in all-inclusive 20-unit kits, which are designed to last a small to medium size property about a year, reducing your shipping costs dramatically. Furthermore, name badges from Imprint Plus™ are reusable: The badge plate, personalized insert, lenscover and signature magnetic fastener fit together by design, not by tape.This means that they can be snapped together or apart easily and without damage.

    Why Reusable Badges from Imprint Plus are #1 in Hospitality

    • Implement a polished, consistent look for all front-line staff

    • Enforce brand consistency across franchises and multiple properties

    • Facilitate personal relationships between staff and guests

    • Enhance guest experience

    • Breed guest loyalty

    • Simplify administration of name badge program

    • Eliminate typos

    • Save money per badge

    • Fold name badges into green budget

    • Make sure name badges are ready for new staff

    • Make new staff feel special

    • Communicate promotions and special events

  • Imprint Plus Reusable Buffet Tabletop Signage
    Bespoke, flexible and sharp-looking, Imprint Plus Signage solutions will adapt to your specific needs while saving you time and money....

  • Imprint Plus™ Tabletop signs are ideal for the hospitality industry.

    They’re a perfect presentation tool for display at buffets, table reservations or at the front desk. Imprint Plus reusable signage systems are made from high quality materials - the flawless design provides flexibility and elegant simplicity. You can also print your signs in multiple languages to get the foreign travel reviews you deserve. Simply remove the sign insert, create your message, and print a new one; a brand new sign is now ready to display with no additional investments.

    (Sizes available: 5.61cm x 8.56cm; 7.62cm x 12.7cm; 5.89cm x 13.51cm; 5.39cm x 8.55cm. For more details on specific products, please contact sales representative). 

  • Imprint Plus Buffet Tabletop Spot Signage
    These reusable spot signs are great for buffets, catering, and countertop uses. Reuse your signs with a switch of an insert and save on costs!...

  • These small spot signs are incredibly handy and adaptable to their environment.


    Available in a variety of shapes and sizes with multiple mounting options – from suction to free-standing – means there is a size, shape and mounting option to suit your every need. The 100% recyclable Lenscover® and base can be reused over and over, reducing your signage costs and environmental impact. Our new signs perform similar to our flagship product, “The Reusable Badge”, and these products are fully integrated with our patented and easy-to-use, Name Print Graphics© software. Our products are designed with the aim of helping our clients further their message, build lasting relationships with their customers and increase sales!