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Pivotal Innovation in F&B

New in 2017 is the HX360° Innovation Zone for Food & Beverage. The “Pivot Point” concept is designed by Christensen Consultants, San Jose, CA.

The expansive layout built out on the show floor immerses you in this dynamic F&B experience. The concept flexes to enhance the guest experience no matter the time of day and is perfect for hotels with limited amenities or as a specialty area for larger destinations.


By daylight hours, Pivot Point makes food its primary focus. The unique “pivot” feature allows for refrigeration, light cooking appliances plus coffee and espresso services to take center stage, giving guests a wide variety of dining options.

By night, the “evening personality” emerges. Here, beverages take the lead with the ability to “pivot” back bar refrigeration, glass and bottle displays, taps and more into prominence. Day becomes night and your F&B offering remains responsive to the desires of your guests.


To make the concept work and make possible its dual personality, the back bar and food areas will actually pivot. This is accomplished by placing the “back bar” areas on a turn table that will rotate to create a “day” or “night” feel for the bar. Rotation can be handled by a single employee, is manual and does not require machinery to function.

This buzz-worthy area maximizes tech options with smartphone and tablet ordering, contactless payment systems and utilizes the latest sustainability initiatives. It is a can’t-miss area that will be the talk of the Show.

About Christensen Consultants

Christensen Consultants was founded in 1994 by Peter Christensen, FCSI, with a firm commitment to excellence in the design of food service facilities. The firm has been involved in many types of food service design projects including: independent restaurants, chain restaurants, business and industry, institutional, recreation, entertainment, hotels and education. Clients include Westin, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Santa Clara University, Samsung, Dropbox, Safeway, The Grand Sierra Resort, and The San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation. Learn more about Christensen Consultants

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